The Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members - 2024 Nonprofit OpCon: Streamlining Processes & Operations for NY Nonprofits


On June 6, 2024, Tannenbaum Helpern Trusts and Estates, Co-Chair, Yolanda Kanes, will be presenting during NYN Media's 2024 Nonprofit OpCon on the panel, The Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members, at 2:20pm.

Program Description: One of the major challenges that so many boards struggle with is understanding board member roles and responsibilities and how to fulfill them. Being a board member is more than a résumé builder as they need to be committed to following through on promises and assisting the organization to the best of their abilities. They also need to fully support the work, represent the organization’s mission, and be dedicated spokespersons for the cause. The board should do all they can to reach organizational goals, but members still have a responsibility to follow the organization’s rules.

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Guaranteed Maximum Price Construction Agreements: Fact or Fiction?


On June 26, 2024 from 1-2pm, Tannenbaum Helpern Construction & Design partners, Kenneth Block and Brandon Reiner, along with Richard Browne of Sterling Project Development, will be presenting a PLI webinar on guaranteed maximum price construction agreements.

Program Description: One of the fundamental issues facing owners in construction contracting is cost containment. Only by meeting the owner’s budgetary constraints can the owner satisfy its obligations to partners, co-developers, lenders, public agencies and others. The selection, application and enforcement of a particular contract delivery method, i.e., stipulated sum, cost-plus or guaranteed maximum price (GMP), is the key to a successful project. This program, drawing on the knowledge of an experienced project manager and accomplished construction attorneys, will explore contract delivery methods, with an emphasis on GMP construction management agreements. Among others, these topics will be discussed:

  • Types of construction contracts and how the risks of cost, time and performance of the work are allocated
  • Legal and business considerations in selecting the delivery methods and the pros and cons of a GMP
  • Understanding and negotiating the elements of a GMP, including fees, contingencies, and project schedules

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Not-for-Profit Corporations: A Primer on Formation and Governance (2024 Update) | Lawline


Tannenbaum Helpern Partners, Yolanda Kanes and Ralph A. Siciliano discuss federal and state regulations pertaining to not-for-profit corporations and governance issues relating to those entities, with emphasis on avoiding conflicts of interest, compensation of executives, and proper stewardship of assets, during this recently recorded Lawline program.

Click here to view this highly informative program, Not-for-Profit Corporations: A Primer on Formation and Governance. 1.0 CLE credit is available in most states.

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The AI Revolution In the World of Architecture: Perils and Promises for In-House Counsel


On March 29, 2024, Tannenbaum Helpern Construction & Design partners, Melissa Billig and Stuart Rosen, will be presenting a webinar on the effects Generative AI has on the world of architecture.

Program Description: This program will cover the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design process and how to effectively navigate the potential pitfalls. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Generative AI “Training” and Potential for Design Errors
  • Policies Concerning Employee Use of AI
  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property
  • Terms of Use and Disclaimers
  • Is the Law Keeping Pace with Technology?

Reach out to Melissa Billig ( or Stuart Rosen ( to view this program on demand.

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